We carry out silvering for decorative final platings as well as for technical applications. If silver is used as a decorative final plating, it is usually advisable to subsequently apply protective lacquer to the silvered goods. At the request of the customer, we can have this step carried out by partner enterprises.

In the field of technology, components are usually silvered because of their electric conductivity.

Price examples for typical silvering orders:

Contact tips 2 - 4 µ Au 1 kg 7.00
(starting from a minimum quantity of 25 kg)
Decorative silvering (~ 2 µ Ag) on brass, bronze, or copper 1.75/dm²
(including polishing, without protective lacquer, minimum amount of deposit 200E)
Individual parts: on request


Electric contacts silvered as bulk goods (silvered 2 - 4 µ)