The firm of Mersi is concerned with the electroplating of metal parts and metallized plastic parts with noble metals (such as gold, silver, palladium, ruthenium) and the removal of galvanically or chemically applied metal coatings from components as well as the development of the processes necessary for these tasks.

We have been carrying out galvanic coatings at the address Wurlitzergasse 36 since 1952; since 1975, the enterprise specializes exclusively in precious-metal coatings.

Aussenansicht Firma Mersi


The firm of MERSI works for many well-known Austrian manufacturers of lamps. For this reason, you can see lamps decoratively gilded by us in such different places as: Redoutensaal of the Vienna Hofburg (Imperial Palace), Konzerthaus, ANA Grand Hotel, Casino Baden, the Kremlin in Moscow, the Haram mosque in Medina, and in the lobbies of many first-class hotels all over the world.

The following list can only be considered an excerpt.

lamp sculpture for the Sogo department store

Sogo blossoms, lamp sculpture for the Sogo department store in Kuala Lumpur, gilded by Mersi in October 1993.

The stems of the blossoms are curved from brass tubes in one piece dia. 90 mm, 3 300 mm extended length.

Big chandelier in the Redoutensaal

Big chandelier in the Redoutensaal brought to shine again by the firm of Mersi in 1996 after a devastating fire in 1992

  • 1996
    Restoration of the decoction gilding of the crystal chandeliers in the Small Redoutensaal, Vienna Hofburg, connecting passage, Redouten staircase

  • 1988-1994
    Gilding various parts of lamps, decorative parts, and inscriptions in the casinos of Vienna, Velden, Linz, and Baden

  • October 1993
    Gilding various parts of chandeliers in the form of lotus blossoms, Sogo Centre, Kuala Lumpur

  • Autumn 1993
    Restoring various chandelier parts for the Church of St. Borromaeus, Lainz

  • 1992-1994
    Gilding parts of chandeliers, wall lamps, and 415 cube lamps for the great mosque of Mecca

  • Summer 1991
    Gilding various chandelier parts and 11 000 wall lamps for the expansion of the Haram mosque of Medina

  • May/June 1990
    Gilding 714 chandeliers in all the rooms, halls, and premises of the Island Shangri-La Hotel in Hong Kong

  • April 1987
    Polishing and silvering the table silver of His Majesty King Hussein of Jordan